This is automatic translation (from Korean) of 8.5.2023 update notice for Korean server:

The following is Korean server update for May 9th (Tue).


1) Skill balance fix



Rupture: Removed preparation action. reduced attack power.

Whirlwind Sword: Increases attack power. increased energy consumption. Cooldown changed to 12 seconds

Shadow Slash (Dark Ghost): Increases attack power

Haunt: Increase attack power

God Strike: Increase attack power

Intangible Sword: Increase attack power



Continuous Slash: Changed to acquisition level 60, cooldown changed to 4 seconds

Sky Sword: Changed the sword consumption to 3. Reduce cast time



Hellfire: Increased attack power

Spinning Slash: 10 sec cooldown

Advanced Whirlwind: Increased attack power

Taunting Strike: Increases attack power

Gin Cram: Increases attack power

Taunting Strike: Increases attack power

Gin Cram: Increases attack power

Earth Wave: Increase attack power

Decreased morale call buff amount. Fixed duration to 12 seconds.



Energy Explosion (Military): Cooldown changed to 10 seconds

Punishment: Increase attack power

Chill Explosion: Increase attack power

Bombardment: Increase attack power

Energy Dissipation: Increases buff amount. Cooldown changed to 30 seconds



Explosive Arrow: Decreased casting time

General's Calmness: Increases attack power

Warlord's Wrath: Attack power increased

Single point shot: Increase attack power

Master's Arrow: Increase attack power



Spirit Wave: Increase attack power

Four Great Heavenly Kings: Increase attack power


2) Armor stats modified

- Increased the defense power that increases with Qigong, Dragon God, and Defense Amulet enhancements.


3) Mission system update

- The number of missions has been modified to 6.

- The chance of rare missions occurring during the progression period is increased.

- During the progress period, the mission initialization cost will be changed to self-money. (once a day)

- For more information, please check the banner on the homepage