This is automatic translation (from Korean) of 6.9.2021 update notice for Korean server (we will probably get same at our next maintenance):

The following is Korean server update for September 7 (Tue).


1) Fix fishing errors
 - An error where the weapon costume was visible during fishing has been fixed.
 - An error where the swordsman's fishing rod looked abnormal during fishing has been fixed.
 2) Improved warrior skill animation
 - The skill animations of Jin Cram, Hell Fire, Earth Pulse, Rotating Slash, and Provoking Strike have been improved.
 3) Sword shop reorganization
 - The order of categories and product list in the knife shop have been changed.
 - Punching Bullets, Magical Bullets, Shippers, Qigong's Amulet, and Dragon God's Scroll have been added to the store sales list.
 4) Fix character selection window error
 - An error where the appearance of the appearance costume was not visible in the character selection window has been fixed.
 5) Fix Shaman Shadow Equipment image error
 - The error that the image texture of the Shaman shadow equipment was not visible has been fixed.
 6) Addition of polarization skill tooltip
 - The tooltip of the polar art skill has been added.
 7) Improved conditions for using VIP inventory expansion rights
 - Improvements have been made so that the VIP inventory extension can be used even when the inventory has been expanded.
 8) Military balance adjustment
 - The amount of recovery for recovery techniques, war scars, great reversals, and surrender tactics has been increased.
 - The amount of recovery for Complete Full Healing has been changed to match the tooltip.  (Level 1 30%, Level 2 35%)
 - The cooldown of Total Recovery has been reduced.