This is automatic translation (from Korean) of 5.10.2021 update notice for Korean server (we will probably get same at our next maintenance):

The following is Korean server update for October 5 (Tue).

1) Fixed an afterimage error in the item tooltip

- An error where the item tooltip afterimage was displayed intermittently has been fixed.


2) Fix text errors

- An error where texts of buffs, items, and monsters were cut has been fixed.


3) Fixed certain NPC dialogue text errors

- Fixed an error where text was not visible in certain NPC conversations.


4) Fixed an error with the Sword Master's Infinite Sword

- The error where the swordsman's infinite sword Ifet was not visible has been fixed.


5) Improvement of the cash book interest payment system

- The cash book interest payment system has been improved in a way that it is paid on a pro-rata basis.