This is automatic translation (from Korean) of 4.9.2023 update notice for Korean server:

The following is Korean server update for Sep 5th (Tue).


1) 2nd property improvement

- The additional damage given to monsters of the same type has been increased according to the value of the attribute attack power.

- Damage received from monsters of the same type has been reduced according to the value of property defense.

- Additional improvements may be made to the magic properties while watching the improved situation.


2) Trade system renewal

- It has been changed so that you can freely register and cancel items when trading.

- Improved the visibility of approval and cancellation status in transactions.

- It has been improved to automatically change the progress status according to the change of the opponent's transaction list or approval status when trading.


3) Improvement of Shinsoo level system

- Improvements have been made so that Shinsoo experience can be acquired up to 99.99% when the Shinsoo level is the same as the character level.

- If you are leveling up when the new beast level is the same as the character level, you will be blocked from using the new beast growth accelerator.

- When the Shinsoo level is at the maximum level, you cannot use the Shinsoo Growth Accelerator.


4) Monster skill improvement

- Abnormal status skills of monsters on the 2.5th and 3rd floors of the Tower of Devas have been removed.


5) Improved Daeva's Shadow stats

- When Deva's Shadow attacks, the damage given in proportion to HP has been reduced.


6) Modification of seat items

- Fixed an issue where unregistered items were not visible on the seat board.