This is automatic translation (from Korean) of 30.8.2021 update notice for Korean server (we will probably get same at our next maintenance):

The following is Korean server update for August 31 (Tue).


1) Improving the inability to proceed with the quest to become a martial artist

- A quest item for the qualities of a martial arts warrior has been added.

- Additional quests will be added later in the 3rd Awakening Update.


2) Military balance adjustment

- The range of the polar art, defense enhancement, muscle strength enhancement, physical strength enhancement, rapid enhancement, intelligence enhancement, and lethal strike enhancement skills have been changed to be the same as the blessing skills.


3) Adjusting the balance of the main body

- The range of the skills of Jiguk Heavenly King, Jeungjang Heavenly King, Taein's Jiguk Heavenly King, Taein's Longjang Heavenly King, and the Four Great Strengths have been changed to be the same as the Military Blessing skill.

- The duration of the Four Great Spirits and Strengthen Enhancement skills has been increased.


4) Corrected an error in the sub subjugation contribution ranking

- An error where the sub subjugation contribution ranking was not exposed has been fixed.


5) Fix item option exposure error

- An error where options for items with random options were not visible has been fixed.



This item was excluded from today's update to complement the system.


1) Fixed movement speed constant error

- Fixed an error where movement speed essence and monster pets could not be worn intermittently


2) Improved artisan soul recovery system

- Added Infinite Necklace and Ring of the Dead to the craftsman's soul recovery criteria