This is automatic translation (from Korean) of 30.5.2022 update notice for Korean server (we will probably get same at our next maintenance):

The following is Korean server update for May 31 (Tue).

1) Mailbox UI renewal

- The mailbox UI has been renewed to make it easier to see than before.

- A list of friends and members has been added to the mailbox UI.

- A mailbox UI button has been added to the left side of the minimap.


2) Improvements to the Fireweed Monster in the Cave of the Giants (removed)

- The skill has been improved so that the Fireweed monsters created in the Cave of the Giants only use skills when recognizing the user.


3) Fix the problem of not displaying guild alliance information

- The problem that Guild Alliance information is not visible has been fixed.


4) Modification of monster experience and loot acquisition criteria

- The experience points and item acquisition rights obtained when killing monsters have been modified based on damage.


5) Fix the domestic knife shop button

- The button to go to the payment page has been modified.