This is automatic translation (from Korean) of 28.8.2023 update notice for Korean server:

The following is Korean server update for Aug 29th (Tue).

1) Improved magic properties

- It has been improved so that you can deal basic damage to monsters with magical properties even if you do not have a compatible weapon equipped.

- It has been improved so that additional damage can be inflicted when equipped with a weapon that is compatible with an attribute monster.

- The attack power of all attribute monsters has been reduced, HP has been increased, and the amount of experience gained has been increased by 10%.

- Magical properties can be further improved while observing the improved situation.


2) Improved item combination UI

- Visibility has been improved so that the guide text can be clearly seen in the item combination UI.


3) Improved crafting cost of advanced craftsman goblin equipment

- The cost of advanced equipment that can be crafted from Craftsman Goblin has been reduced.


4) Shinsu skill modification

- Increased the effective range of the skill when using the Windstorm skill of Shinsoo Storm Trust.

- Fixed an issue where the 4th skill of Shinsoo Geonchihyeonryeonghwangseon was not visible.


5) Modify item discard UI

- Fixed an issue where you could continuously enter 0 when entering the quantity in the Item Discard UID.