This is automatic translation (from Korean) of 28.6.2021 update notice for Korean server (we will probably get same at our next maintenance):

The following is Korean server update for June 29 (Tuesday).

1) Fix character selection window position error

- An error where the character selection window was in the wrong position has been fixed intermittently.


2) Infinite tower jamming error fixed

- An error where the character was stuck in certain objects in the Infinite Tower has been fixed.


3) Infinite Tower entrance improvement by floor

- The entrance to the next floor in the Infinite Tower has been improved.


4) Fixed an error that could not make shadow armor

- An error that could not craft shadow armor has been fixed.


5) Buff effect display improvement

- Improvements have been made so that up to 40 buff effects can be seen.


6) Adjusted the number of 100,000 soldiers and increased the honor point reward

- The number of people who can participate has been increased.

- The reward points for draws and losses have been increased.


7) Shaman and Shaman balance adjustment

- The damage of the energy explosion skill of the military and ancestors has been increased.

- The damage of the skill damage of the High Goddess and the Grand God of the Dead has been increased.


8) Improved item end message

- The message displayed incorrectly when trading items has been corrected.


9) Jingu arrow rain skill error fixed

- An error where the skill used after the Arrow Rain skill did not activate and only the cooldown was applied has been fixed.


10) Fix pet location error

- An error where pets disappear intermittently has been fixed.


11) Fixed monster pet buff error

- An error where the buffs of some monster pets did not activate has been fixed.


12) Amcheonjigwe shop update