This is automatic translation (from Korean) of 28.3.2022 update notice for Korean server (we will probably get same at our next maintenance):

The following is Korean server update for March 29 (Tue).


1) Modification of the Great God Buff Skill

- The range of Jiguk Heavenly King, Jangjang Heavenly King, Taein's Jiguk Heavenly King, Taein's Jangjang Heavenly King, and the Four Great Strengths range has been changed to be the same as the Shaman buff skill range.


2) Quest difficulty improvement

- The drop rate of Spirit Essence has been added to higher level spirit monsters.

- The probability of obtaining Elijah's Ring from killing Dunamis and Chaios on the 10th floor of the Priest's Tower has been increased.

- Added Dunamis's Vision and Chaos's Vision monsters on the 9th floor of the Priest's Tower.

(There is a chance to obtain Elijah's Ring by defeating the Visions of Dunamis and the Visions of Chaos)


- Update Removal


1) Modify the general buff skill

2) Fix the accessory item buff of the four gods

3) Improved warhorse items