This is automatic translation (from Korean) of 27.9.2021 update notice for Korean server:

The following is Korean server update for September 28 (Tue).

1) Remove the Jar of Desire NPC

- The Jar of Desire NPC has been removed.

- The Jar of Desire will be updated again after the reorganization.


2) Improved Sword Stack UI and added Special Point UI

- A UI that allows you to more easily check the swordsman's sword stack has been added.

- A UI has been added that allows you to easily check the swordsman's special score.

- The ability to turn on/off the swordsman/swordsman UI in the game settings has been added.


3) Infinite Necklace, Ring of the Dead Reinforcement Rating Change

- Infinite Necklace and Ring of the Dead can be upgraded to level 10.


4) Buff time display improvement

- The remaining buff time has been improved to show in seconds instead of minutes.


5) September Amcheonjigwe store update

- Please refer to the information page for details