This is automatic translation (from Korean) of 27.3.2023 update notice for Korean server:

The following is Korean server update for March 28th (Tue).


1) Balance fix

- Fixed multiple hit skill bug: fixed a bug where the total damage was as much as repeated hits


[Sword God]

Advanced Charge: Increased attack power


[Gyeonryonggun General]

- Curse of Power: Cooldown reduced (300 seconds -> 60 seconds)

- Curse of Agility: Cooldown reduced (300 seconds -> 60 seconds)

- Curse of Intelligence: Cooldown reduced (300 seconds -> 60 seconds)

- Confidence Loss: Cooldown reduced (300 seconds -> 60 seconds)

- Blindness: Cooldown reduced (300 seconds -> 60 seconds)

- Magic Removal: Cooldown reduced (300 seconds -> 120 seconds)

- Obstruction of vision: Cooldown reduced (300 seconds -> 180 seconds)

- Arrow of Silence: Cooldown reduced (300 sec -> 120 sec)

- Warlord's Rage: Increased attack power



- Decreased casting time for Touch of the Dead


[Great River God]

- Touch of the Dead: Decreased casting time

- Touch of the Dead: Cooldown reduced (11 sec -> 8 sec)

- Touch of the Dead: Increased attack power



- Fixed multiple hit skill bugs: Lightning Storm, Ice Storm, Flame Storm, Lightning Strike

- Flame Spray: Fixed a bug where the first attack deals double damage



- Bombardment: Increase attack power


[Dark Ghost]

- Fixed multiple hit skill bugs: Inflict Fatal Wound, Rupture, Thunderbolt, Whirling Sword


2) Add new level

- The maximum level of Shinsoo has been increased to 125.


3) Added a new recovery agent

- Added extra-large potion, extra-large potion, and extra-large goblin potion that can be purchased from general goods vendors in the Hondel area.


4) Modification of defensive yeouiju

- The PVP defense options of the defensive yeouiju have been increased.


5) Modify monster information

- The attack power of monsters below level 100 has been reduced.

- The Goblin Elder, Dunamis, and Chaos levels have been changed to 100.

- The lawless land of the dead The owner of the dead has been changed to level 125.

- Increased siege flag health.

- Monarch protection, ordeal monster attack power and stamina increased.

- Increased attack power and HP of monsters in Hell.


6) Improved client shutdown

- The client shutdown time when response is delayed has been improved from 10 seconds to 60 seconds.


7) Fixed the chance stone problem

- Fixed an issue where the skill Walk in the Air does not reset when resetting with a stone of opportunity.


8) Awakening problem fixed

- The problem of not being able to awaken after completing the awakening quest has been fixed.


9) Fixed client force termination problem

- Fixed an issue where the client was forced to close when checking certain quests.


10) Fixed party EXP problem

- The problem of receiving different EXP in party status has been fixed.

(If the highest level of a party member is more than 10 levels different from the monster, all party members cannot gain experience)


11) March Amcheonjike Update

- Please check the promotion page for details: