This is automatic translation (from Korean) of 27.12.2021 update notice for Korean server (we will probably get same at our next maintenance):

The following is Korean server update for December 28 (Tue).

1) Add warehouse sorting system

- A system has been added that automatically sorts items by item type when they are deposited in the warehouse.

- The save button to save warehouse items will be developed in the future system.


2) Mission board UI improvement

- Monster images have been added to the mission board quests.


3) Login screen UI improvement

- Significantly improved the login screen UI.


4) Fixed exposure of Uncle Uncle Uncle’s pet effect in stealth state

- The effect of Uncle Uncle's pet is not visible in stealth mode.


5) Modify the return location of the Naruther Village

- After the siege, when returning to the village of Naruter, it has been modified to return from various locations.


6) Subcommand improvement

- Improvements have been made so that sub-commands (connection status, expulsion, rank change, invitation) can be used on the sub screen.


7) Siege rules and rewards improved

- The level limit of the siege participation department has been lifted.

- The application for siege warfare has been changed so that only the castle and the castle alliance can be automatically applied. (The rest of the divisions can apply for a siege except for the Mercury division.)

- Fame points obtained by killing enemies in siege and PVP content have been increased.

- The boss of the otherworld dance hall has been changed (Empression, Dragon Soul, Dunamis/Chaos, Mautareta, Master of the Dead)


8) December Amcheonjigwe store update

- Please refer to the information page for details -