This is automatic translation (from Korean) of 26.6.2023 update notice for Korean server:

The following is Korean server update for Jun 27th (Tue).


1) Improved store sales function

- A function has been added to display items that can be sold in the store when the Sell button is pressed.

- When selling an item, the number and price of the sold item have been improved to be displayed in the message.


2) Add Weapon Box Staff

- It has been added so that you can acquire a normal staff from the weapon box for each grade.


3) Yeouiju Ganghwa notation improvement

- The description of the materials required for strengthening Yeouiju has been unified.


4) Added a message about not being able to pick up letters

- When picking up letters, a message has been added so that you cannot pick up if the amount exceeds the maximum limit.


5) Modified Dangun's grace effect

- Fixed an issue where the field pet buff increase effect from the knife shop was displayed incorrectly on PVP pets.

- Fixed an issue where the field pet buff increase effect at the knife shop was incorrectly applied to field pets, monster pets, and limited pets sold in the Battle of the Swords.


6) Amcheonjike update in June

- Please check the promotion page for details: