This is automatic translation (from Korean) of 22.5.2023 update notice for Korean server:

The following is Korean server update for May 23rd (Tue).


1) Improved weapon combination options

- Enhancement options for Mystic Stones and Blood Magic Stones obtained from Weapon Combinations have been significantly increased.

- Mystery Stone: Minimum Attack Power 1,000 ~ Maximum Attack Power 1,000

- Blood Magic Stone: Stamina 5,000 / Strength 50 / Intelligence 50 / Agility 25 / Wisdom 25 / Health 25


2) Improved quick slot expansion UI

- Improvements have been made to save immediately when quick slot settings are changed.

- Improved the way the quickslot expansion page is displayed.


3) Modification of new water growth promoter

- Fixed an issue where the Shinsoo Growth Accelerator effect was affected by the Shinsoo EXP increase buff.


4) Chiwoo Cheonwangshingi resistance option modified

- Fixed the problem that the resistance does not increase when acquiring all elemental resistance increase options in Chiwoo Cheonwangsingi's open options.

- When all elemental resistance increases, all other resistance options except slash resistance increase (Fire, Freeze, Lightning Strike, Darkness)

- The slash resistance option has been changed to slash defense.


5) Modifying pet options

- Fixed an issue where the option values were incorrectly displayed when acquiring the same buff from a normal pet or a monster pet.


6) Modify heirloom options

- Incorrectly displayed options in Heirloom options have been fixed.

- Non-attribute resistance -> Slash defense

- Curse Resistance -> Shadow Resistance


7) Add NPCs

- A mission board NPC has been added to the priest's city.


8) Skill slot modification

- Fixed an issue where the level of the skill level of the deleted Arcane skill was displayed in the skill slot.


9) Amcheonjike Update in May

- Please check the promotion page for details: