This is automatic translation (from Korean) of 21.8.2023 update notice for Korean server:

The following is Korean server update for Aug 22th (Tue).


1) Umbral Equipment Options Improvements

- Umbral Weapon's minimum/maximum attack power, accuracy, and energy have been increased.

- Defense, HP, Accuracy, and Evasion of Umbra Armor have been increased.

- Umbral equipment will continue to check indicators, and additional options may be modified after that.


2) Add shadow equipment selection box

- ‘Shadow Equipment Selection Box’ has been added, where you can select and craft the desired job and part.

- The Umbral Selection Box requires a new additional material (Mystic Powder) that drops from the field.

- You can craft a chest from the Hermit Blacksmith Hepa.

- This NPC can create a shadow equipment selection box with existing shadow equipment.


3) Improved item and mount cooldown time

- Decreased the cooldown when attaching and detaching items.

- The cooldown when riding a vehicle has been lowered.


4) Improved knife shop text notation

- The visibility of the item text displayed in the knife shop has been improved.


5) Modification of additional mission order tooltips

- A notice has been added to the item tooltip that the additional mission order can be exchanged for a daily mission reset document.


6) Amcheonjike update in August

- Please check the promotion page for details -