This is automatic translation (from Korean) of 21.3.2022 update notice for Korean server (we will probably get same at our next maintenance):

The following is Korean server update for March 22 (Tue).


1) Addition of Lawless Zone Monster Pet Crafting

- The monster soul required for making a Lawless Zone monster pet has been added to the items obtained when defeating monsters in Lawless Zone.

- Normal and rare class lawless area monster pets have been added to the monster pet creation list.

- The Lawless Zone monster pet has been added to the advanced crafting list of Artisan Goblin.


2) Modification of interest payment method

- It has been modified so that interest on the cash register can be paid by mail of the representative character.


3) Fix game ending problem

- Fixed the issue where the game would end if you purchased the Shaman Assassin Mask from the Priest City Mask Vendor.


4) March Amcheonjigwe update

- Please refer to the information page for details.




During the next regular maintenance, the quest difficulty for entering the Valley of Daeva will be lowered.

Incorrect problems with the range increase of the Great Gods buff skill and the coverage area of the General's Resilience Shield buff will be fixed.




Great Strength God Skills: Jiguk Heavenly King, Jangjang Heavenly King, Taein's Jiguk Heavenly King, Taein's Extended Jangcheonwang, Four Great Strong Gods

Fix: range up


General Skill: Shield of Resilience

EDIT: Scope fix


This content is for prior notice, and the update date and revision content may be changed in the future depending on circumstances.