This is automatic translation (from Korean) of 19.12.2022 update notice for Korean server (we will probably get same at our next maintenance):

The following is Korean server update for December 20th (Tue).

1) Add skill book item skill ribbon

- A ribbon has been added to the icon of the book of skills that can increase the skill level.


2) Fixed text error in knife shop

- Fixed an issue where text overlapped intermittently in the View Product Details menu in the Knife Shop.


3) Added window mode brightness control guide message

- A message has been added when adjusting the brightness in window mode.

(Brightness can be adjusted only in full mode)


4) Fixed whisper issue

- Fixed an issue where, while having a whisper conversation with user A, the whisper target was set to user A when the whisper was sent to user B and a quick key was entered.


5) Fixed the issue of not being able to use gems

- Fixed an issue where gems could not be used intermittently.

(Inventory Expansion, Mount Satisfaction, Infinity Tower, Tower Blessing Extension, Mixed Haunting Bag Charge, Training Center Time Charge)


6) Fixed the phenomenon that the activation buff icon of some jewelry items was not displayed

- Fixed an issue where the activation buff icons for the Blue Dragon Soother Infinite Lv10 and White Tiger Norigae Infinite Lv10 items were not displayed.


7) Fixing the problem of ending the stone of secret skill

- Fixed an issue where the client would intermittently shut down when resetting a secret skill with a stone.


8) Improved item quantity display

- Improved item quantity text size.


9) Improved item exchange shop UI

- If an item cannot be exchanged after selecting an item in the Item Exchange Shop, the item will appear red.


10) Christmas event update

- Please refer to the promotion page for details: