This is automatic translation (from Korean) of 18.9.2023 update notice for Korean server:

The following is Korean server update for Sep 19th (Tue).

1) Warrior and Shaman balance modifications

- The skills of warriors and shamans have been improved and new skills have been added.

- Balance will be monitored and additional adjustments may be made.

- Balance updates for each class will continue to be made after this.



Rush: Minimum use distance reduced

Flash: Damage increased

Berserk: Reduces cooldown time / Does not receive buff removal skill effect

Rotating slash: Reduced energy consumption / Increased number of attack hits (1 hit -> 2 hits) / Increased damage

Sword Dance: Reduces energy consumption / Allows movement while attacking / Increases damage

Demoralizing Shout: When skill level increases, attack power increase rate increases / cooldown time decreases

Advanced Rush: Minimum use distance reduced / Energy consumption reduced / Damage increased

Hell Flame: Reduce energy consumption / Increase skill range / Increase damage

Blink: New skill added



Shield Attack: Damage increased

Iron Wall Defense: Reduced cooldown

Strike of provocation: reduced energy consumption / increased damage

Jin Cram: Reduces energy consumption / Increases skill range / Increases damage

Sound of the Earth: Reduces energy consumption

Blink: New skill added


[Common to Shaman]

Heal: Reduced cooldown

Explosion: Delay reduction

Freezing: Delay reduction

Premarriage: Delay reduction



Complete recovery technique: Added effect to all party members within a certain range of the party member who received the effect

Full recovery: Delay reduction / Cooldown reduction

Complete Total Recovery: Reduces cooldown time / Increases energy consumption

Secret Art of Perfect Healing: Reduced cooldown

Soul Destruction: Damage increased

Delirium: Delay reduction / Damage increase

Blessing: Added effect to all party members within a certain range of the party member who received the effect

Touch of Recovery: Reduces delay / Reduces cooldown time / Increases energy consumption

Purification: New skill added


2) Improvement of Hondel area

- The number of monsters placed and summoned that appear throughout the Hondel region will increase.


3) Improved stamina/energy UI

- A simple to view stamina/energy UI has been added.

- You can select location adjustment and on/off in preferences.


4) Shaman passive skill error correction

- An issue where the Military Restoration passive skill was not applied has been fixed.


5) NPC dialogue modifications

- Incorrect dialogue from certain NPCs has been fixed.


6) Grace Enhancement Package Update
- Please check the promotion page for more details.