This is automatic translation (from Korean) of 17.4.2023 update notice for Korean server:

The following is Korean server update for April 18th (Tue).


1) Added rare Hondel monsters

- If you defeat normal monsters in Hondel, large and super-large rare monsters will appear with a chance.

- You can get more experience and items by defeating rare monsters.

- For more information, please check the [Monsters] - [Rare Monsters] guide page.


2) Fixed skill damage problem

- Fixed an issue where the attack power multiplied by the level of the Sage Flame Spray skill when the level goes up.

- The basic attack power of the Sage Flame Spray skill has been increased.


3) Improved mission UI

- Improvements have been made so that more than 6 additional rewards can be displayed in the mission UI.


4) Fixed mission UI issues

- Fixed an issue where EXP was not displayed in the mission UI.


5) Fixed the problem of natural recovery agent

-Fixed an issue where natural remedies were not applied when using them.


6) Modification of the maximum number of members

- The number of people who can join for each sub level has been modified.


7) Deva's Tower Monster Modification

- Reduced the chance of Ogma being stunned at the Tower of the Deva.


8) Level-up increase ability correction

- Increased HP when leveling up has been changed from 50 to 100.


9) Lawless Zone buff fix

- Fixed an issue where buffs used on individuals could not be used in Lawless Zone of the Dead.