This is automatic translation (from Korean) of 15.5.2023 update notice for Korean server:

The following is Korean server update for May 16th (Tue).



1) Heirloom system improvements

- Overall options for registering heirlooms have been increased.

- A collection of Abyssal and Hwaryeong grade equipment has been added to the Heirloom system.


2) Skill balance fix



Whirlwind Sword: Increase attack power

Concentrated Strike: Increases attack power

God Strike: Increase attack power

Intangible Sword: Increase attack power



Advanced Charge: Increased attack power

Hellfire: Increased attack power

Echo of the Earth: Increase attack power

Earth Wave: Increase attack power

Taunting Strike: Increases attack power

Gin Cram: Increases attack power



Punishment: Increase attack power

Chill Explosion: Increase attack power

Bombardment: Increase attack power

Energy Dissipation: Cooldown changed to 5 seconds. holding time 20 minutes



Poison Cloud: Increase attack power

General's Calmness: Increases attack power

Warlord's Wrath: Attack power increased

Single point shot: Increase attack power

Master's Arrow: Increase attack power



Spirit Wave: Increase attack power

Summon Goblin: Increase attack power

Four Great Heavenly Kings: Increase attack power



Storm Sword Out: Increased attack power

Lightning Sword: Increase attack power

Sky Sword: Increase attack power

Phoenix Wings: Increase attack power


3) Modify the attack power of the crafted Heavenly King's weapon

- The attack power of the crafted Heavenly Weapon has been increased.


4) Priest's Tower Monster Modification

- It has been modified so that higher level spirit monsters are not summoned on the lower floors of the Priest's Tower.


5) Quest Modification

- An issue where the Stirrups of Heaven quest could not be progressed under certain circumstances has been fixed.

- The drop rate of supply items for the Stirrup of the Guardian and the Horse Guard has been increased.


6) Skill error fix

-Fixed an error where the Shout of the Blademaster was incorrectly set to 2 minutes instead of 15 seconds.


7) Improved display of quest monsters

- Improvements have been made to make the UI visible to monsters targeted for defeating quests easier to understand.


8) Shop system improvement

- The tool window has been improved to open automatically when using the shop.


9) Improved automatic movement system

- It has been improved so that it does not stop even when the UI is turned on or riding a vehicle during automatic movement.


10) Improved item information background

- The visibility of the item information window has been improved.


11) 100,000 Yangbyeongdo situation board improvement

- Improvements have been made to automatically open the status board upon entering Hundred Thousand Soldiers.

- The dashboard button has been improved to open when the timer UI button is pressed on the tab key.


12) Pet Gunma Comprehensive Bundle Update

- Please check the promotion page for details.