This is automatic translation (from Korean) of 15.11.2021 update notice for Korean server (we will probably get same at our next maintenance):

The following is Korean server update for November 16 (Tue).

1) Improving sub raid boss summoning rights

- The sub raid boss summoning authority has been improved so that the vice lord can also use it.


2) Secret competition reward increased

- The non-mu competition 1:1 duel reward and the non-mu competition cancellation reward have been increased.

- For more information, please refer to the secretariat competition guide page.


3) Heirloom system item registration problem fixed

- The problem that intermittently enhanced items were not registered in the heirloom has been fixed.


4) Fix Fame Point purchase item display

- The tooltip has been modified from [Required Step] displayed on the item to [Purchasable Grade].


5) The haven of the dead and the lawless zone monster driving improved

- After improving the recognition distance of monsters in the sanctuary of the dead and the lawless zone, corrections have been made for monsters that deviate from hunting.


6) Added ranking information UI

- A UI has been added that allows you to check your level and honor rank in-game.


7) Cal Festa Update

- Please refer to the information page for details -