This is automatic translation (from Korean) of 12.7.2021 update notice for Korean server (we will probably get same at our next maintenance):

The following is Korean server update for July 13 (Tuesday).

1) Dead Man's Lawless Zone PVP Area Improvement

- Improvements have been made so that PVP cannot be played in the Lawless Zone of the Dead Village.


2) Increase location storage space

- The number of locations that can be saved has been increased to 50.


3) Added 2-channel sub-system

- It has been modified so that sub-systems except for sub raids can be used in 2 channels.


4) Added chat window font size adjustment system

- A system for adjusting the font size has been added to the chat window settings.


5) Infinite Tower elite monster AI improvement

- The visibility of elite monsters has been improved.


6) 2nd improvement of siege honor point compensation

- Siege honor points rewards have been improved to victory 6000 points / Victory Alliance 4000 points / Defeat 2000 points.

(Due to the match participation rate and the balance of all rewards, the reward score may be further modified after prior notice)


7) Swordsman's Suction Sword, Checking Skill Error Corrected

- An error where you could use the sword and check skills while not in the blue dragon's posture has been fixed.


8) Improved profanity filtering

- The profanity filtering ON/OFF has been removed from the game settings and it has been improved so that it is applied unconditionally.


9) Fixed Thief Shadow Slash

- The shadow slash skill has been modified so that it cannot be used while in stealth.


10) Quest reward fix

- Revealed Yasa, new start quest rewards have been corrected.


11) Cool summer event update

- Please refer to the event page for details.