This is automatic translation (from Korean) of 12.6.2023 update notice for Korean server:

The following is Korean server update for Jun 13th (Tue).

1) Map quest progress improvement

- Improvements have been made so that the quest progress, which can be checked on the map, is automatically updated.


2) Crafting display improvements

- Added icons for materials needed to craft items.

- The required quantities of materials required for item production have been unified.


3) Improved box opening system

- Improvements have been made so that when opening a box, the number of openings cannot exceed the maximum number of possessions.


4) Improving the display of NPC names

- Improvements have been made to show NPC names on the screen when you press the ALT button while Show Other Names is disabled in Settings.


5) Modify the cooldown of battle horses

- Fixed an issue where the cooldown for waiting for boarding would not be visible when registering a battle steed in the quick slot.


6) Modification of battle warhorse system

- A message has been modified so that if you use a location movement scroll while riding a battle horse, you will not be able to move.


7) Modifying the number of warehouse storage

- When storing items in the warehouse, it has been modified so that the maximum quantity cannot be exceeded.


8) Monster Sweeping Package Update

- Please check the promotion page for details: