This is automatic translation (from Korean) of 10.5.2021 update notice for Korean server (we will probably get same at our next maintenance):

Good morning. This is Cal Online.
The following is the update on 11.5.2021 (Tue).


1) Correction of mission order error (report from SUN51 user)

-An error where additional mission instructions and advanced additional mission instructions cannot be used has been corrected.


2) Correction of the subjugation magic power exchange quest error (reported by the user for the moon v)

-An error in which some characters could not proceed with the subjugation magic power exchange quest has been fixed.


3) Character information window tooltip correction

-Fixed a problem where incorrect tooltips were exposed.


4) Improved magic stone smelting time

-The time to smelt Magic Gong Stone has been shortened.


5) Improving the time to engrave amulets

-The time to engrave amulets has been shortened.


6) Quest reward added (report from killer user)

-The Swordsman reward has been added to the conspiracy overlapping and revealed scheme quests.


7) Infinite Tower Boss Gauge Improvement (Report from Choryu-hyang user)

-The fire effect of the boss gauge has been removed and the color visibility of the gauge bar has been improved.


8) Fixed the phenomenon of duplicate display of the drop item option of the dead's ring

-Fixed the phenomenon that the option of the ring of the deceased dropped when the owner of the deceased was defeated was duplicated.


9) Fixed the problem of broken text in the scenario

-An error in which the name of the part was not displayed correctly during the dialogue of the Scenario NPC enemy, blue, and yellow goblin has been fixed.


10) Chiwoo Cheonwang Shingi Box Store Update

-For more information, please refer to the event page.