This is automatic translation (from Korean) of 1.5.2023 update notice for Korean server:

The following is Korean server update for May 2nd (Tue).


1) Mission board update

- A new mission has been added every day according to the character's level on the mission board.

- There are normal missions and rare missions, and when you complete a rare mission, you can get more EXP than normal missions.

- The daily mission reset document required for mission reset can be exchanged from NPC Sujeong in Naruteo Village.

- For details, please check the [Quest] - [Mission] guide page.


2) Fixed auto-recovery problem

- Fixed an issue where setting values were not synchronized when max HP changed while auto-recovery was active.


3) Fix level up problem

- An issue where Shaman and Shaman characters did not appear to increase their magic attack power when leveling up has been fixed.


4) Monster Modification

- Increased siege gate and flag health.

- Hundred Thousand Soldiers monster HP has been increased.

- The level of the master of the dead in the haven of the dead has been lowered.

- The Master of the Dead's Lawless Zone has been increased.


5) Infinity Tower modification

- The Infinite Tower movement guide NPC has been modified to be visible at all times.

- If you try to enter the dungeon on a non-weekly entry day, an entry denial message will appear.

- An issue where the number of entries to the Infinite Tower was different in channels 1 and 2 has been fixed.


6) Monster Modification

- An issue where traitor general soldiers were not summoned has been fixed.