Currently, the Kalonline development team is working on the promised season 2 balance changes.
Due to the considerable development volume, it will take some time as it is being carried out with a careful approach and multi-faceted verification.

The test server with all items reflected is scheduled to open in August with the announcement of detailed update contents.

If customers try to play directly on the test server and give their opinions to the GM Team in a test server in-game message, the GM Team will listen, communicate, and supplement.



- The influence of stats (STR, Health, INT, WIS, AGI) is increased

The effect of the stat itself is increased to give meaning to the level-up.
The importance of stats provided in enhanced content also increases.

- The formula for Absorb and Resistance stats has been changed

The concept of increasing the physical reduction rate when the Absorb value is high is the same as before, but it is changed to absorption, not absorption.
In the case of resistance, it was previously greatly affected by the level difference, but now it is changed to be more affected by the resistance obtained from items.

- The fatality rate is redistributed, and balancing considering the equality of each class is applied

Since the difference between normal damage and critical damage has widened so much, the critical hit by probability is more important.
The fatality rate obtained by passive skills, equipment, and reinforcement is changed to a level that all occupations can experience so that it does not lean toward a specific occupation.

- All attacks can inflict a critical hit

Magical attacks and some skills that do not cause critical hits are modified to cause critical hits.
The skill formula is modified so that healing-related abilities are affected by magic attack power.
Strengthening your weapon will increase your healing stats through additional calibrations.


- The lack of basic skills used in normal battles will be added

At least 2 basic skills are provided per class.

- Skills are reorganized

Skills that are not used due to the low efficiency of each job are removed.
Depending on the level, the necessary skills are rearranged, and the special skills are moved to a higher level for use in the later stages of growth.

- Added passive skills for each job

A unique passive skill that can compensate for the class penalty is added.
A high-level passive skill that greatly reduces the cooldown of skills acquired through Job Tree and Awaken is added.

- The MP required to use the skill is readjusted

Max MP and MP consumed by skills are adjusted

- Various bugs in existing skills are fixed and applied


- The number of Soul Pockets consumed when using skills has been changed

The amount allocated is changed according to the attack power.

- Deleted God of swords Blow Points

Blow Points are removed, and skills are changed to cooldown and MP usage conditions.
(The swordsman’s swordsmanship is maintained as a job feature.)

- Sword Trickster’s creation conditions are changed

Creation is possible only when there is a character of level 60 or higher in the character slot of the account.
Equipment sold in the shop is organized.



- Tower of Infinite has been reorganized

An instance dungeon system is added to improve the hunting ground tribe.
In addition to limiting the number of daily entries, the operation method will be changed so that you can only play for a specified time on the floor that matches your level.
Instead, it is changed to an efficient experience dungeon.

- Changed monsters and rewards from otherworldly areas

The otherworldly area is changed to a high-level hunting ground, and powerful monsters and rewards can be obtained accordingly.

- The EXP acquisition formula has been modified and the monster level is revealed

Levels are displayed on the monsters in each area, and the number and distribution of individuals change.
It is changed to be the most efficient hunting when catching monsters of a similar level.
By displaying the level of the monster, the existing colour name rule is removed, and the experience point acquisition formula according to the level difference is applied.

- Quests have been reorganized to be guides in the game

As it grows, it improves to learn NPC locations, weapons, how to purchase potions, warehouses, horses, fishing, mining, etc. through quests.
Items given as level-up rewards are organized, and most are provided as rewards through quests.

- The quest window has been newly improved

When accepting a quest, a new quest window is provided so that you can play selectively by providing the obtainable rewards in advance.

- Existing mission documents, quests, events, and mission bulletin boards are reorganized

Quests are provided only for the case and general quests.
The regularly sold mission document NPC will be deleted, and the ‘mission document’ itself will provide a reward.
The mission board is absorbed into the daily mission board, and the daily mission provides multiple hunting grounds and monsters that must be progressed per level to allow for a variety of play​.