We made a few improvements and new features on our website today. We also changed the pricing for our PREMIUM accounts.

For SHOPS - www.kalonline.eu/shops/

1) For easier and more accurate search and notification definition we added the possibility to capture multiple shop items through description separated words with semicolon (;) and possibility to exclude words from description.

2) New notification option was added - Discord DM. Now you can receive notifications for items that are in your interest in your Discord DM when they show up in shops.



For SHOUTS & NOTICES - www.kalonline.eu/shouts-notices/

1) We added a notification feature for shouts and notices (notification sent to email or Discord when shout or notice is detected)

2) We added a notification feature for D7 boss (notification sent to email or Discord 10 minutes before spawn)

Both features are available only for premium users.


We also changed the PRICE FOR PREMIUM USERS

Payments are now made for 1 month (no longer 3 months) and the price has been reduced to 80kk. All existing premium users will get free 1-month extension!