We added new page with list of all items on sale and their history.from KAL Online shops (with the help of 3rd party interface for providing us with fresh data).

It's located on www.kalonline.eu/shops/

Now you can easily find items prices and items on sale which you need, without spending a lot of time clicking every shop in game and checking their items. You can easily search through items which ware (or still are) in shops with 15 filters and custom sort search results. We also prepared (for premium users) notification interface where you can set which items you are buying / searching (and for what price) and when that item comes in shop you can get email notice.

Service is still free (with some limitations), you just need to log-in (no registration needed, you can simply log-in with your Discord or email, so with one click) and can start searching items. If you would like to show support for further development, consider becoming premium member.

We put in a lot of work to provide fresh informations and that all functionalities works like they are planned, so we also added some premium features for our supporters (prices may change in future, but atm we think premium is affordable, even based on that how much you can profit with it - only one good buy or resell can get you all money back).

The more interest you will have, the more we will be adding new features and improvements (we already have in plan to provide shouts and notifications list, mobile app - especially for notifications for selected shop items,...). If you have any other good ideas that you think we should implement to make KAL Online players lifes easier, or if you find any bug, please contact us and let us know.