We added new page with list of all KAL Online shouts and notices/infos and their history (with the help of 3rd party interface for providing us with fresh data).

It's located on www.kalonline.eu/shouts-notices/

Now you can easily find messages which you missed and check D7 boss bar status.

Service is still free (with some limitations), you just need to log-in (no registration needed, you can simply log-in with your Discord or email, so with one click), but only premium users can see C2 D7 boss bar status and instant fresh data (others may have last few messages hidden).

If you want to have all functionalities and wanna support the project to keep it alive and provide fresh data in the future, become premium user.

Because we got many requests to pay with real money we decided to accept jewels too (with that you can pay with real money to Inixsoft and forward only jewels).