I will be starting Kalonline Fresh Account Challange: In this challange I will try to recreate the experience of someone who is just starting out without wasting 1$ in the game.

Going to also post clips from the challange on my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf3MtTalZAUE920glQ76Yqg

Rules: -Things that are allowed:
1. Getting help from friends or people - except for any sort of free leech
2. Creating multiple chars on the account
3. Being in a guild
4. Switching channels C1/C2

-Things that are not allowed:
1. Buying Jewels/KalCash
2. Using more than 1 account (So no Shamans or MAs to help yourself, unless someone else is buffing/helping you)
3. Getting Leeched for free by friends/people

*Note: Gaining geons ingame and then using them to buy services/items is allowed

Short Term Goal: Get level 70, Get 3rd job change , Level up animal to Grade 11 , Unlock D5F10, Get Trinket, Complete Skill Quests.

Long Term Goal : Get atleast level 80 , Get VoD , Gain 1kkk geons .

If anyone wants to contact me my Discord is: 
S1mon #3468