How to send message to game admins? (customer support)

You can contact KAL Online admins via C/S system on KAL Online website:
1) Log-in at
2) Open
3) Scroll down to the form and write all the information (Server, Classification, Character Name, Your Name,...)
4) In the field Contents describe your problem
5) Click Confirm button to send the message

If you are trying to unblock your account or trying to do more pesonal stuff (like change email) you also need to prove that you are real owned of this account.

You can do that with next steps:

1) Take a photo od your ID card. Example:

2) Take photo of you holding ID card and paper with today's date. Example:

3) Send those two pictures to their email - (if possible from the same email as your account is registered with)
4) After you send email, also send C/S message saying that you have sent pictures.